Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Vatican Upheavals

There's a big part of the Catholic church that revolves around forgiveness. I'm not Catholic, or even Christian for that matter, but it seems to me that being forgiven for whatever you did sort of revolves around the idea of doing "it" right the next time. Or maybe not doing "it" ever again. If the guys at the Vatican had been, like, my wife...I would have told them to tell their story walkin' back around 1956. But that's sort of the nature of long term-relationships: the more baggage you've got, the harder it is to make a break.

Some of that baggage must be pretty good. Suitcases full of nostalgia, surely. Steamer trunks of solace, carefully packed and folded when someone passes on. Maybe even a carry-on bag of mischievous notions, kept ready for a little spontaneous venting at the late night barstool.

I'm not sure I could lug around crates of pedophilia, though.

The Church has had ample opportunity to do something real about the consistent scandals emerging from it's ranks for lo, these many years. Instead, they've just stuffed more and more down the hole. It's time for a big change. Ordain women. Get rid of abstinence. Put in a one strike something. And you better do it soon, guys. It's getting pretty damn heavy on the other end.