Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Supreme Court Smash-Up!

G.W. Inc. let loose the Dogs of War. With their ridiculous ruling last week, the Supreme Court, (or at least the stupid members of it), has let loose the Pigs of Corruption, shattering 80 years of steady effort to keep big money from buying the country. Not that the law ever did a great deal of disinfecting, but at least it shown a dim light on the country's bribe bosses.

Of course, the logical progression of this nonsense is for a corporation to run for office. After all, they are seen as persons in the eyes of the law. With this ruling, they have been granted the right to speech. Why not go whole hog and ditch the formalities?

That particular joke already occurred to the Progressive PR Firm Murray Hill. These fine folks are protesting the ruling by running for the House in Maryland's 8th District. Old Bill Klein even volunteered to steer their yacht of office.

It's pretty funny now, but there is a slight risk underlying the mirth. What if they win? Exxon for Senator. Coca-Cola for Speaker. Wal-Mart for President. God Bless America.